Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Left Behind

Thank you who commented here for feeling this photo. I took it in the spare bedroom at my mom's home in St. Lucia. The state of the wallpaper told me more starkly than any words could that she would soon be living elsewhere, because she could no longer manage this house on her own. If you knew my mom, you'd know what this peeling wallpaper meant. It was a hard moment, one that surfaced again for me in the sad events of this week. And yet I was happy my mom was here with us in New York when we got the news of my cousin's death. The spirit that she has, her proactive faith, made the planning of his service seem somehow loving and familial instead dark and tragic. And the conversations she had with my cousin in the weeks before he died left us all feeling that he had arrived at a good place in his own life and conscience, that he left this earth with a heart at peace.


  1. the peeling wallpaper, the mattress bare of sheets -- so evocative and sad, wistful.

    I send you love.

  2. Empty whiteness, light turned out.

  3. Maggie, i found it so, too. Thanks for being here.

    Elizabeth, thank you, dear one. my love to you too.

    Ms. Moon, lights turned out. yes. the air so still. hugs.

  4. This evokes so many emotions. That tilted lampshade....

  5. so evocative, angella. and too close to loss.

  6. i really appreciate each one of you being here, and saying something. and right now, it means more than i can even convey.


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