Friday, January 27, 2012

A Chance in the World

A woman I once worked with talked about indestructible children. She said they were children who faced horrific situations and somehow survived, damaged and hurt, but with their humanity and sense of possibility preserved, their sense of purpose intact. More than intact. Activated. Surely this must be what she was talking about—this successful man whose small gestures betray the vulnerable boy inside him still. Steve J. Pemberton, once a foster child searching for home, grew up to become a corporate VP, and a husband and father of three. It you have 4 minutes, this is his story.


  1. That was so moving and powerful. Each of us come from such different backgrounds, we come with what we were given by our parents and sometimes that isn't complete. What I found in watching the video of Steve, was how sure he was of himself and what he will pass to his children. Surely that is what any of us with a less than fulfilled childhood can do for our children.

    I myself have family but of my parents there is such incompleteness. My goal is to fit the puzzle pieces together. To understand why and what happened. I may never fulfill this goal but I at least tried to do this for me. For my family it lets them see the woman who didn't give up or shrink from the unknown. I didn't have the childhood Steve had but all children deserve unconditional love.

    1. you're so right, ellen. we can find a measure of completion if paying love and devotion forward to the next generation. thank you for your thoughtful comment.

  2. Oh my word - that man is unbelievably inspiring and eloquent. His grandfathers should indeed be very proud. Thanks for directing me to the video. Off to get the book now!

  3. Amazing. The fact that he is my frat brother makes it doubly so.

  4. Amazing story. Amazing man. Thank you for that Angella. I will send it to each of my children.

  5. "None of us look like our story"... So true, so powerful. Thanks for sharing that, Angella, I'm glad I watched it. I'll have to look for his book.

  6. it's a moving, painful story; a courageous man. thank you. (for all you do, angella.)

  7. I watched it and I love it. Had never heard of him or this story. Thank you for sharing. Resilience is so inspiring. So is redemption.

  8. This is one book I'm inspired to read. Thank you.

  9. Dearest Steve,

    I shudder to think of what the foster parents did to you for sooo many years, I have a son your age and I was heartsick reading how cruel they were, what a wonderful man, husband, father you are to have risen above all the disadvantages that were in your way, you are my hero, God protect you Steve...
    There are kids out there right now suffering like you did, hopefully somehow they read your book.
    Kathy - Boston


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