Wednesday, September 8, 2010

When Everything Matters

Danielle Laporte of White Hot Truth offered this utterly fascinating deconstruction of the difference between depression and sadness. She wrote: 

Depressed and Sad are two very powerful, similar, misappropriated words. Portal words. Sacred words. And if we look more closely at them, we can claim what's true for ourselves and set about transforming depression and sadness into their contrasting states.

Sadness hurts but it signals that you are very, very much alive.

Depression may be the cousin of sadness, sometimes the defended response to unyielding sadness, but it makes you feel anything but alive. It dulls, weighs, and messes with your memory of your true essential nature—which is that of joy...

When you're sad, you're feeling. Sometimes, more than you want to. You wish you could be despondent, but the sadness is sharp and it bleeds your attention from you.

Depression ... dulls one's feelings. Where sadness makes you feel raw and skinless, depression is like wearing a snow suit and mittens and wondering why you can't feel the caress of life. Sadness strips you. Sadness is so fucking cleansing. Depression is muddy and muffling and numbing.

"When you're depressed, nothing matters. When you're sad, everything does." —Gloria Steinem

I am actually neither depressed nor sad today. This just rang so true for me, and I wanted to share.


  1. wonderful - rings true here too -- i'll take sad over depressed any day.

  2. I'd never thought about it this way... thanks for the insights. Depression is really serious stuff.


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