Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Taking Names

Obama kicked ass in the debate last night. There was the man I voted for four years ago, right there on that stage, meeting Mitt Romney's disdain and arrogance with both fire and cool, calling out his lies, reminding America that the Republican ex-governor has utter contempt for at least 47 percent of them—most likely more.

And there, too, on the stage was the man who as a teen at an elite prep school led a gang of boys in holding down a schoolmate whose haircut Mitt deemed too effeminate. It was the future Massachusetts governor himself who wielded the scissors, cruelly chopping off the boy's hair. I believe I saw that same sneering bully on the stage with the president last night.

It's possible I might have to post a little less than usual leading up to the presidential election on November 6, because I am now becoming a little consumed, and I really don't want to turn this blog into an ugly-political-story-of-the-day bitchfest. Because, really, I could. But the only people who would care are the folks who have already decided they're voting for Obama and everyone else would assume I'm just bitter. I'm not.

I just don't like Romney. He is like every bad boss you ever had, contemptuous, smug, arrogant, small-minded, ungenerous and appallingly unself-aware—he doesn't know what he doesn't know and is there anything more dangerous in a pretender to the presidency? And given the statements that have issued from him over the course of the campaign, why would I think that my beautiful children would ever be anything but lesser citizens to him were he actually to become president? Yeah. I might have to post a little less.


  1. Hey, you sound "bitter". ha!

  2. Thanks for this. I also find Romney to act like a bully. What's funny is that in Paris I worked for his infamous company. And loved working there, and it's baffling to me that a company so welcoming could be headed by him. Wished I could vote. For Obama that is.

    1. I wish you could vote too, dear Miss A. Next time!

  3. I am with you on every word of this post. Every one. And you know it and I love you.

  4. i like this information. i'm picking fights on facebook, even though i've told people to block my feed and/or hide it if my politics bothers them because they are not welcome to attack my president on my dad gum page.

    it bothers me a LOT that the story from prep school has faded away because it told me EVERYTHING i needed to know about that man, and i do not believe i'm being unfair. he wasn't just standing a few feet away, watching. he HELD THE SCISSORS. i do not believe behavior like that is a passing whatever-the-hell.

  5. He's smarmy too.
    I just wanted to slap him.


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