Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Barack!

Today is our President's birthday. I reminded my mom of this as we talked on the phone this morning. She said, "Really? I must say an extra prayer for him. I love him so much. He is like my own son." Despite the noise and knee-jerk opposition from factions on the political right, there continues to be so much love and pride and good feeling pouring out for our president. I believe this is based on the core decency that most people sense in the man. All six of my aunts, every one of them past 80, pray for him every single day. I do hope all the prayers going up for him form a field of protection around him and his family as he strives to do that difficult job the best way he knows how. Happy Birthday, Barack! I guess we're on a first name basis now that my mom has adopted you as her spiritual son. (Photo by Peter Turnley)

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