Friday, November 17, 2023

Harper arrives today!

This little girl and her lovely parents are New York bound and she will be in my arms and sleep under my roof at the end of this day.

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Candy colored morning on this side of the world

Candy colored trees outside my window greeted me this morning, the serenity of the scene so hard to reconcile with the children trembling with shock and unimaginable trauma on the other side of the world. Thanksgiving is around the corner. We will have houseguests, family members from Dallas, Trinidad, Jamaica, and upstate New York, who start arriving this Friday. Baby Harper will be baptized out of our home one week from today. My niece called her uncle a few months ago and asked if they could hold her baby girl’s naming ceremony at our little activist church. We’ll have a reception afterward in our apartment, a gathering of beloveds circling our precious new soul with love and communal protection and joy. It will be beautiful and I’ll finally get to hold that darling little girl. It occurs to me this is how all children should be treated—as the innocents they are, scared beings, the hope and promise of our world.