Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Thank you Mr. B.

Thank you Harry Belafonte for the way you used your life to secure the rights and dignity of others, and more personally for contributing the forward to "We Are Not Here To Be Bystanders," the book I had the honor of co-writing with Linda Sarsour. Thank you for seeing her greatness and lifting her up when others were trying to tear her down. Also, this Jamaican brother, who was in elementary school with my Aunt Maisy, stayed fine till the end, it has to be said. Aunt Maisy told us he was a little troublemaker who their teacher declared would amount to nothing. He didn't listen. Thank God for the troublemakers. Rise in power and peace, Mr. B. You inspired us all.

Friday, April 21, 2023

She’s in London

Living her best life. She and her love went to an Arsenal game tonight. We’re big fans in our family. And on Sunday, they’re doing a Great British Baking Show bake off in the tent and everything. She’s excited. They’re doing all the sightseeing things too, walking, discovering. She sent me this picture that her fiancé took. I’m living vicariously. I love to see her joy. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Saturday, April 15, 2023

One year ago this month, she made history

On April 7, 2022, she made history when she was confirmed as the first Black woman Supreme Court Justice. I'm still not over it, and I'm so proud of her and grateful for her brilliance and humanity on the high court I can barely stand it. Long may she reign. 

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Easter Sunday / Dallas / Seattle

Lonely Sunday. Christ is risen. I should have made plans. I miss my children, who are busy doing their lives. I didn’t make it to services with my husband, so much for being a good Easter and Christmas churchgoer. He made glorious altar arrangements that looked a bit like wedding garments to honor his late parents. He also ran the tech for virtual attendees while I stayed home and finished the chapter I was working on. I’m now six chapters in, forty thousand words, sixty thousand more to go. 

It’s been an eventful month. Our trip to Dallas for my niece's baby shower was a lovely family time. That's her with her mom and me in the photo up top. Then my son and his wife went to Seattle, and spent the week in a tree house in the woods. By all accounts it was magical. My daughter in law sent me pictures. I’m a little too blue to do much more than post some photos and captions as a recap right now, but maybe pictures do just as well in telling the stories, Dallas and Seattle, in random order, here you go. 

Since grazing tables cost in the thousands these days, my daughter and daughter in law decided to DIY this one, with spectacular results. 

The best part of the grazing table was after the party when everyone remaining at the house just pulled up a chair and grazed on fruit and cheese while chatting about everything.

The back yard set up ended up accommodating some sixty-five guests. The parents to be are well loved. I wish you could see the tasteful and beautiful flower arrangements my daughter did, guided by her dad. Everyone thought they were professional.

The parents to be in the house they built in Texas of all places. They seem happy there. They sure have made a lot of friends!

Treats by a local baker who also did a beautiful cake.

I snapped this picture of my man and my daughter's boyfriend, both mirroring each other's distress as they watched the University of Miami lose to University of Connecticut in the NCAA basketball finals. My man went to The U, aka Miami  

I love that pregnant women wear body con outfits these days, no more shrouding the baby bump in yards of tented cloth. Isn't my niece glowing? He is, too.

I kind of like this shot of the three friends who all went to high school together and remain as close as sisters today.

My boy and me.

Cousin joy.

My girl and her two best men.

New York babies under that Texas sky.

The newlyweds take on Seattle.

The tree house where they stayed.

Washington state views.

More views.

My boy in among the trees.


 The good life.

The cake from my niece's shower was as delicious as it was beautiful. If you're in Dallas the talented cake maker is A Luxe Cake Studio. You should hire her.

I'll end this rather stream of consciousness post with one of my daughter's floral arrangements from the baby shower, to wish you a Happy Easter. See you on the other side.