Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October Boys

We recently found these photos of my son and my husband, taken by a photographer friend who may not want to be named given how poorly these negatives were stored. (Sorry O!) Our boy was about eight months old when he and his dad participated in a shoot for a father's day photo essay in a local paper. Even though the color is faded and speckled, you can still see the loving interaction in these frames. I call the pictures "October boys" because both my men (and my dad, actually; and come to think of it, our photographer friend, too) were born in October.


  1. What wonderful pictures!

    It might be possible to restore colors and detail in Photoshop, if you'd like me to try send me an email (listed in my profile).

    What a cute baby, and I love the expression on your husband's face. :)

  2. Thanks, ellen! We're actually getting the negs restored, so fingers crossed! I love the expressions on their faces here. My son is trying so hard to get at that flashing mechanical thing across the room. He could barely contain himself. My husband is trying to distract him. They're so cute.

  3. such loving photos

    no need to worry the negatives can be restored it is amazing what can be done these days!

    happy birthday to your october boys!

  4. Still lovely photos. The love and wonder your husband feels for his son is very evident!

  5. mouse and Deborah, thank you. I love these boys!