Monday, November 23, 2009


Just got home from a long tedious day in the ghost town that is my office. I opened my front door and found three big ole men in my living room, my son and two of his friends. They are 6' 9", 6' 4" and my son at 6' 2" is the short one. Two of the young men are in college and the third is a high school senior, my son's best friend who's been a regular in our home since before both boys could say their names. They are watching Kung Fu Panda. I can hear them laughing and laughing out there.

For some reason, I find this comforting.


  1. I love the idea of big ol' men giggling at an animated panda. Being your son and friends, I can see how it would be comforting-- like having them back as little boys just for a minute.

  2. Scarlethue, I think you put your finger on just what was so great about the moment. Thanks!

  3. what a comforting company to come home to! enjoy.

    (p.s. my daughter who is almost 6 feet has started calling me shrimp - this is not comforting and is now making me think I must be shrinking)