Sunday, November 1, 2015

All Saints

My dear brother-in-law sent me this photograph this morning. It's of his father, whose eighty-sixth birthday would have been today. The little boy in the photo is my husband, the little girl is his sister, and his brother was not yet born. Their father was the manliest of men, athletic, stoic, charismatic, all the more so because he was a devoted husband and father. His family was his life. Given the date on the photo, the picture-taker, his wife, was already carrying their youngest child. I will be forever grateful that this is the man who showed my husband how to be a man. And a husband. And a dad.


  1. Old photographs are truly a window into our past. I could look at them for hours, regardless of whether I know the people in them or not. But it's even better when there is a story to relate to - thank you for sharing both.

  2. That is exactly how I feel about my husband's father. Forever grateful. Amen. He was a beautiful soul and a true example of how loving and tender and strong a man can be.

  3. A lovely post...Your son will follow in those impressive foot steps one day.