Saturday, July 20, 2019

We Are All The Squad

That's my first U.S. passport picture. I was 26. I am a naturalized citizen and my children are American born. Trump wants people who look like us to go back where we came from, as in his view, and that of his followers, the only true Americans have white skin. Not so. Tell my children to go back where they came from and they'll land in New York City. The richest irony of all, Trump himself is a first generation American, just like my children. In fact, every white person in America has an immigrant history, too.

We are living in Trump America, two words that now evoke the same chill as the phrase Nazi Germany. This week the president told four congresswomen of color—Ayana Pressley, an African American; Rashida Tlaid, a Palestinian American; Ilhan Omar, a Somali-born refugee and a naturalized American; and Alexandria Osario-Cortez, an American-born Latinx woman, to go back home to the sh*thole places they came from. These four women, known as The Squad, had refused to vote for a border funding bill, as it did not specify how the money would be used and it contained no protections for migrants.

A day later, at a rally in North Carolina, Trump told lies about the women, calling them "pro-terrorist," especially Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. His goal, of course, was to inflame his all white crowd, which began chanting "Send her home." It was Hitler's Nazi rallies come to life before our very eyes. When history is written, the name Trump will be synonymous with the worst depredations ever recorded, including the incitement to murder non-whites. That is not hyperbole.

Baby Hitler is creating a tinderbox, putting these four women and everyone who looks like them in grave danger. He is trying to make the 2020 campaign about these four congresswomen of color, trying to gin up his base by saying "Vote for me, vote for whiteness, or you will have to deal with upstarts like these women who think they actually belong in this country, much less in government." I want to believe all is not lost, because when Congresswoman Ilhan Omar returned to Minnesota last week, a crowd of hundreds greeted her at the airport, chanting "Welcome home, Ilan!" A cheering crowd, including many white people, standing against hate. It was beautiful.


  1. And if there's any place in the US more white than Minnesota, I'm not sure where it might be. I want to believe that all is not lost too. It's hard, isn't it? To keep hope alive.

  2. Darling I think of you every single day. This period in history is so insane and terrifying that I have crawled deeper inside myself not to hide but to gather strength for the battle that is to come. When I heard the rally the first time the chant I was sure they were saying Heil Hitler for a second and I was terrified into my bones and his smirk and his lie after that he try to stop it. The shit show to end all shit shows. What I am doing is relearning Spanish so I can ask my Latinx friends at the farmers markets and fruit stands and grocery stores are you okay is your family okay are you safe. It isn’t much but it’s better than hiding which I think we all want to do. I love you and I am so grateful for your friendship. Be safe. Love

  3. You said it perfectly. I shiver when I read about him. I do not watch the tv or videos. I just can't but that doesn't stop me from reading the news. I just cry for the immigrants that are caged and abused by this Trump administration.
    I have followed him on Twitter and have not hesitated in bashing him. It helps. One of my friends called me the other night and said "Beth I read your tweets. You are filled with so much hate. Your words of hate is just like his. Let go of the hate." Is she right. Am I exhibiting the same kind of hate? I never have thought that I could hate anyone but damn it he makes me so angry.

    My daughter is married to a man of "Brown skin" he is Spanish. I have 4 grandchildren that are half Spanish. He was born here but to Trump that doesn't matter.
    My ancestor's came from Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands and I don't know where else on my mothers side. My father was Native American. Pueblo and Cherokee. So I have different blood running thru my veins.

    If I am right he is not sending back any others nationalities. I never hear him say that about Asians or the rest. He just makes me so angry with what he is doing.

    Oh and I read an article on nursing homes. I wanted to share it on my blog but I can't find it. The Trump administration is cutting funding by a huge percent and nursing homes that use to get a daily fine for neglect and abuse are now urged to just get a one time fine...!!!! He is cutting Medicaid to nursing homes as well.

    Ok my comment is longer than I expected. You have a great day and let me say that your passport photo is just beautiful.. You are Beautiful... Beth Reed

  4. The world is watching, believe me.

  5. I am utterly heartbroken by what has been revealed about so many people in our country. So much hatred, so much contempt. I don't know what will become of us, if 2020 turns out bad. I worry.

  6. Trump is a strange mixture of stupid and cunning. He has had some success in using his current approach to life in his business dealings, so he thinks he can do it in politics too. His nonchalance over the effects of his actions and his complete lack of empathy is breathtaking and infuriating. He is a force for evil, not good. In other words, I agree with you in every way. I do think that media coverage is providing oxygen to his flame, though. He thrives on it. He uses it. As I said -- cunning in some ways. Hopefully the backdraft will finish him off.