Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meanwhile back at camp

My son is a very fit physical being, which fascinates me, given the extent to which I am not. His body works optimally, and I love to watch the way he moves, with such unconscious ease of motion. I am glad he was able to find that particular expression in the gene soup that was given to him. 

Here's my son doing swimming instruction at camp. These were on the camp website this morning. 

And here's one of the goofball we all know and love:

Both kids come home this weekend. Then they have one day to do laundry and pack again before leaving for college (my son) and soccer preseason camp (my daughter). Talk about overscheduled.

My daughter called me this morning for her social security number. She was filling out her very first tax withholding form. I asked her if she missed having down time between Italy and camp so she could process her travel experiences. She said no, it was a good thing that she'd gone right to working at camp. She said the other kids from the trip were feeling very melancholy and wanting to go back to Italy, whereas she was busy and happy in the woods.

Then again, my girl has always had a particular talent for being fully engaged in whatever is happening right now.

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