Friday, May 27, 2016


Last night our choir gave our family and friends concert in the beautiful sanctuary of St. Peter's church, and my darling husband came as he always does, and this time so did my son and his girlfriend, and my friend Leslie who has been to every single one of these concerts since I joined that choir, Voices of New York.

My son said it was the first time he'd ever seen me on stage performing and enjoying myself, and that he loved it. He said he was so proud of me, which touched my heart.

And then, when we all came home after the reception, there was this in the mail from our daughter.

And inside, in her never-learned-cursive-takes-after-her-dad handwriting, was this:

I chuckled at the parenthetical. Did she think we wouldn't know it was from our daughter?

My son said, "Wow, it never occurred to me to send such a card." I said, "You give other gifts, my love, each of you in your own way." It's true. I feel like the luckiest mother in the world. My heart is so full.

And now we're off, heading north for the weekend to see our daughter graduate college! See you on the other side.


  1. Gosh! So much going on! And how wonderful it all is!
    My kids send me cards like that too and they never fail to make me cry. And for your boy to see you sing, tell you he was proud of you...Oh, that's just the best.
    Love...Mary (your friend)

  2. Oh, that card! It brought tears to my eyes. It sounds like you've got amazing kids.

  3. What a wonderful note! And it's true, each child has his or her own way of expressing the same. Have fun this weekend and cry only happy tears :)

  4. That note is definitely a keeper.

  5. Wow...So lovely, all of it! Congratulations to her and enjoy your proud Mama moments!

  6. Beautiful card! She's graduating. Gosh time flies so fast. Congratulations! Your son didn't write a card but he expressed in words a real gem by telling you how proud he is of you. I am so glad you are taking in this moment. Enjoy.