Sunday, December 20, 2009

The more things change...

I'm starting to realize my daughter has been taking pictures for a while, that a camera of some sort has been constantly in her hands for several years now. I took the top picture at a cousin's wedding three years ago. My girl was using a digital shooter then. Since last summer, she's taken over the Nikkormat FTN that one of my uncles gave me when I was 11. I enjoyed a decades-long entrancement with that camera. I love how its photographs can reveal what the eye fails to notice. I cannot explain the profound awe I feel to know that my daughter, too, connects with this faithful old camera. The thing is built like a truck, it's heavy in your hands, and it's optics are true. It's a beautiful piece of technology. I am so grateful to share it with my daughter all these years later. Life is sometimes more perfect than we can dream.


  1. the shutterbug gene runs in my family too - but I inherited the trait (love of the camera) from my dad and he from his dad; I passed the extra appendage along to my daughter, whose eye, I'm delight to say, often leaves me in awe....

  2. Mouse, your eye leaves me in awe. Do you ever post your daughter's photos? Would love to see them. How would she feel about that?