Monday, December 21, 2009

A Day at a Time

Just heard another editor is leaving. She took a job at another magazine. The losses pile up.

Also, one of my aunts is very sick. She just had surgery to remove a blockage of her carotid artery, and she is so very frail. Her three daughters, my cousins, are scared. They are all traveling to be with her at Christmas. I adore this aunt. She's a little OCD, like me. She worries obsessively about her daughters, all of them married women, every one of them the kind of daughter that would make any mother proud. She and my uncle raised them to be caring, funny, strong-hearted, opinionated women. The youngest shook things up mightily when she came out to her parents right after college. Her father was devastated, and left the room, but her mother, my aunt, followed him out and led him back by the elbow, saying fiercely, "This is your daughter! This is your father! Now we're going to sit here and talk! I am not going to let this break up my family!" At the time, my aunt and uncle were deeply homophobic. Now, fifteen years later, my aunt speaks warmly about how much her youngest allowed her to grow, how grateful she is, and how, when my cousin married her partner is San Francisco last summer, she gained another daughter.

This aunt is also the one who used to press crisp twenty, fifty, hundred dollar bills into our hands when we were small. When you're not yet of age and haven't figured out how to get money on your own, you remember such things. She was too generous by far.

I didn't realize until I spoke with my mom today (I had called to complain that more work was about to fall onto my already overflowing desk) just how weak and close to the edge my aunt is after her surgery last week. Now, I'm scared too. As my mom and her sisters all say, Jehovah Jireh, which means, God will provide just what we need at the time we need it. And so I pray for her healing.


  1. wow, what fond memories to have! I love your aunt already! my thoughts are with her and her children.

    So another one bites the dust at work, eh?

  2. offering up extra prayers for your aunt today and will keep her in my heart in the days to come.

    why is it that hard things always seem so much harder this time of year - strength and love your way.

    so sorry to hear of the additional work stress - who needs that!

  3. Candice and mouse, thanks so much for the prayers and good thoughts about my aunt.

    About my work situation: They did a segment on 60 Minutes this weekend on Wilmington, Ohio, where most of the town is out of work. One woman, who'd been sending out resumes for months, said, "People always say their job drives them crazy, but really their job keeps them sane." Trying to appreciate the place I'm standing in right at this moment and if that changes, well, I'll appreciate the new place, too.

    mouse, I was sorry I missed you when you were in NYC. Next time for sure.

  4. Best wishes for you, your aunt and the rest of your family during this time.

  5. Thank you so much, e. And thanks for visiting and commenting. Hope to see you often! Am enjoying your blog.

  6. just reading some of your archived posts , getting to "know " you more....

    incredible treasure,
    and you are such a wonderful soul..