Monday, February 15, 2010

My Valentine

For Valentine's Day, my daughter and I brought home flowers and treats for my husband. We bought a beautiful orchid with one of those campy plastic "Happy Valentine's Day" sticks in it.

We also found an armful of tulips in the most astonishing red. We put them out on the dining table along with red glitter valentine hearts, a strawberry shortcake and mini lemon tarts.We wanted to make of fuss over my husband. We knew he was going to cook lobster for us, as he always does on Valentine's Day, and we wanted him to know how much we love that tradition! And how much we love him.

He gave me a card with turtledoves in a nest that says "true love" on the front, and he got our daughter an impossibly soft stuffed puppy holding a pink embroidered sign that reads "hug me." She walked around with it tucked against her cheek all evening.

Dinner was steamed lobster tails, warm savory lobster salad, stir-fried onions, peppers, carrots, celery and shittake mushrooms in a teriyaki-ginger sauce, avocado with black pepper, corn on the cob, and lime-infused butter for the lobster. I cannot even describe how delicious it was!

Then for dessert, my husband had brought home chocolate covered stawberries so we each had a couple with our slices of the strawberry shortcake. The night was a dreamy. And the man who made it so is dreamiest of all.


  1. Gorgeous photos of what sounds like an even more gorgeous day. I am so happy for you and your loving family. Thanks for sharing the love!


  2. how sweet and wonderful!!! tulips are my absolute favorite flower and lobster tails....ah, nirvana.... sounds like a divine day with hubby and #1 daughter!!!


  3. Candice, yes it was! Thanks!

    ellen, thanks for stopping by my previous post to check on how things were! 'preciate it, friend.

    mouse, tulips are my favorite, too! and these were the reddest i have ever seen. you would have loved them.