Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paranormal Activity

There are five teenaged bodies asleep in my living room, on couches, on the floor, in the various spooned and spreadeagled poses in which they drifted off after watching Paranormal Activity last night. I guess they were too scared to separate into bedrooms and turn out the lights. It was my husband who turned out the lights and turned off the TV at six this morning. 

Or maybe they just love being a jumble of limbs and blankets and messy hair, all of them loath to leave the party in case they miss something. My daughter, the high schooler in the bunch, enjoys being a part of all this. (Plus she was thrilled last night when my niece and my son's friend told her that her brother talks about her all the time at college, saying how cool she is and how much he misses her. He denied it of course!) 

To add to the atmosphere, it is a rainy, grey, blustery morning in New York City. The wind is more than gusty, it's almost gale force. Outside my window, the trees are flailing furiously, swaying and bowing and circling way too much for comfort. I hear the teenagers stirring. My husband is making scrambled eggs and spicy chicken sausages for breakfast. I think he enjoys this as much as I do.


  1. That's great! Paranormal Activity made me afraid to go to bed in a dark room, so I can imagine it was more comforting for them to stay in a pile. :)

    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend together!

  2. ah i do misses those mornings awaking to a jumble of teenagers in the house. enjoy. enjoy!!

    we had that same weather today... after actually turning the furnace off this week, i had to break down and turn it back on...rain and wet brought in quite a chill.... guess our taste of spring is gone for a bit.... but starting tomorrow, the days will seem longer and brighter!

  3. I can tell that you're in your element Angella! may you hold this moment of happiness....

  4. ellen, mouse, deborah, you're right. all this busyness in the house does make me feel that the world is bright. all the other worries feel like small potatoes. at least for awhile!

  5. I hope you survived the storm OK! It was crazy, wasn't it?

    I like the coziness of this post, but I'm not going to watch "Paranormal Activity" anytime soon. No fan of ghost movies here. :)