Saturday, September 21, 2013

Much is Afoot

And I am choosing to remain silent lest my words undermine me. I have no idea who reads here, so until certain things are settled, I'm probably going to be posting only pictures for a while. Suffice it to say, the universe is mysterious and sometimes an exacting taskmaster but I am not wandering on the plain alone. Case in point: These two men (shown 21 years ago and now), and also my daughter (who has college homecoming this weekend). They have been unstinting in their support. I particularly enjoyed clearing out my office last Sunday with my son, his capable rooted self, helping me run through the piles and quickly decide what to toss and what to keep, and leavening the whole enterprise with humor. My husband waited in the car in a no parking zone in front of the building, so that all we had to do was exit the front doors with bags in hand, deposit them in the trunk and go home. Easy peasy.

My boy came in and hugged his dad, 
who was on the bed reading his kindle. 
I caught the picture. It reminded me of 
an earlier one taken two decades ago.
Not much has changed.


  1. Pictures are good. Especially ones like these.

  2. pictures are enough. it's seeing nothing that worries me.

  3. Picturing you skating through with family support as pillows. Photos are plenty. Good thoughts continue. xo

  4. jaysus! these pictures are what it's all about. especially love the last one.
    Sending you so much love Angella, always here with you.

  5. You... are a very wealthy woman.

  6. The clean out sounds like the best you could have. the photos are wonderful.

  7. There's something so poignant AND powerful about the images you've both written and showed as photos -- your kind and loving family, the bittersweet stuff about it all. I was struck at your husband in the "no parking" zone -- a sort of "fuck all of you" move, I venture.

  8. Strategic silence and discretion is probably a good thing at such a sensitive time. Still thinking of you! Love the photos, of course. :)

  9. That sounds hopeful. I'm hopeful for you!

    Honestly, I am SO GLAD I got laid off, even though it was terrifying at the time. I hope very much that you end up feeling the same, that it was the best thing that could have happened.