Thursday, July 16, 2015

Woman Power

Guess who's back in town? My lovely niece, our reigning queen of bad television, with whom I watched all six episodes (so far) of the Lifetime series UnReal, about the making of a reality TV show and all the psychological trickery that goes down behind the scenes. And then she fell asleep on the couch under the red blanket, while I worked at my computer in the armchair, which prompted my husband to say when he got home from work, "Well the house looks familiar." Love this one. She's fresh from dental school exams and leaves Friday morning to accompany her little sister to a squash tournament in Barbados, but she'll be back at the end of the month to spend the remaining weeks of summer with us in New York. As my son said when he heard she'd be with us for a few weeks, "Well at least one of my sisters hasn't abandoned me." His other sister, of course, is having a fine summer doing marketing research for a documentary film while living on campus upstate. She seems happy, which makes me happy. (So I won't mention that my son has been diagnosed with a torn ACL, which will require knee surgery in September and several months of rehab. He's taking it fairly philosophically, so I'm taking my cue from him.)


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the ACL, but glad that everyone is happy and smiling and being philosophical. :)

  2. Family. Beautiful.
    And let me tell you something- yesterday when Lily and I were at lunch with the boys, the most remarkably handsome, tall man came into the restaurant with a beautiful woman and the man looked so much like your son. He had the same presence and strong, gentle handsomeness. I kept asking Lily, "Isn't he the most handsome man you've ever seen?"
    "Yes, Mom," she kept saying. "He is very handsome." I showed him your son's picture and she agreed there was a resemblance. I felt like we were dining with a celebrity.

  3. Such love. The leg is a pain. I want to say something but I can't make it come out right. I marvel.

  4. That ACL must feel like a big setback. I'm glad he can take it philosophically, I imagine it's hard for you to do so. I hope he heals quickly. Speaking of bad tv, I have been indulging in some REAL bad stuff lately. Indulging like those stereotypical HOUSE WIVES. I'm sort of ashamed of myself.

  5. You had asked about the meditation I was listening to. It is on the Buddhify app. It is the one that I had mentioned that has dozens of meditations. It costs a few dollars but is very much worth it.