Sunday, January 31, 2016

Business Casual

I'm not feeling much like writing here lately, perhaps because I'm doing so much word work away from here, but I also don't want to abandon this space, where so much of the recent history of my family has been recorded, along with so many wise and sustaining comments from all of you. I'm thinking I'll do what our dear friend Yolie did one summer, just post pictures for a while, maybe with a caption, maybe with a quote, maybe with a thought, or maybe with nothing. My daughter texted me the photo here yesterday. She's back at school in the snowy north, and she and her friends, both also seniors, are at a women's empowerment retreat in Syracuse this weekend. The dress code was business casual. She texted that she made her friends pose with her before they left their shared hotel room for the morning workshops. She wrote, "I told them it's for my mama." Love those young women. Don't they look ready to take on the world?


  1. One of the things I love most about the blog form is that sometimes, pictures are enough and even better than words. Not always, by any means, but they are certainly, for many of us, an important part of it.
    Those girls- dang. I think they could already teach me a thing or two about women's empowerment and there is NO DOUBT they could teach me a lot about wardrobe choices. They are gorgeous.

    1. I totally agree with this comment. You were the one who taught me to see the world differently through my iPhone. I now take pictures constantly of the tiniest slivers of life and suck them dry. I find myself struggling to maintain my blog sometimes but then realize that it has to be natural and that people are gracious. We love your blog and will continue to come here whenever you turn the light on.

  2. They do! They are ready to take on the world and it makes me feel hopeful. Keep them coming R. The pics are great.

  3. Beautiful beacons, all of them---and you, too.

  4. They are the future and it is SO BRIGHT. <3

  5. Beautiful women, beautifully turned out!

  6. I've been checking in here, usually with no time to comment, but wanted to let you know that I always appreciate seeing the snippets of your beautiful life. Thank you for sharing it.
    PS - I think your daughter looks so much like Daisy Ridley. That smile!!
    Hope you're well, Angella. xoxoxo - Chrissy

  7. Such lovely ladies! And so funny, I got a similar picture of my daughter and her 2 friends in business casual for a class presentation, and they took the picture for this mama!
    I hope you are doing well. xo

  8. I want a women's empowerment course. I could really do with one today... My plan for the afternoon? Ironing.