Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Good juju

In searching for that photo of my brother and me in the last post, I ran across some other snaps I hadn't seen in a while. I know the news is horrific today, with Aleppo burning, and in a figurative way, America, too. It's more than I can bear to go into here, as I have no answers, so in lieu of despair, I'll put up a few photos that made me smile.

My two cousins and me in the storied apartment on 120th Street, in our twenties.

The same two cousins during Thanksgiving weekend this year. They are my sisters.

The man as a newlywed. Those eyes. 

Their dad/uncle brought back those hats from a biodiversity research trip to Vietnam. 

My boy was riding his dad's shoulders and taking in the world from a new height.

My niece and daughter two years ago. I always meant to post this. Today's the day.

My darling man on the first Christmas after we were married, in front of our first tree together. We called it our Woolworth tree for the cheap and shiny baubles.

The man and me, thirty Christmas seasons later. 


  1. Thank you. Some days you just need to find what makes you happy. These made me happy.

  2. So much goodness and beauty and sights for sore eyes. Thank you.

  3. Surrounded by love. It's a very good start.

  4. Lovely photos - good times - good juju indeed.

  5. That man of yours makes me smile . The photo with the tree is gorgeous. He is not bad 30 years on either! are lovely too . x

  6. You always have the most terrific photos. You must have boxes and boxes of amazing snapshots!

  7. Oh my goodness. As always, so much beauty in the words and images you share here. I am so grateful for you, and am going to try hard to focus on the good right now.