Monday, March 27, 2017

Catching up

I have been sick. In bed sick. Can't lift my head from the pillow sick. This has not happened to me in years.

I am on the mend, as you can see by the fact that I'm writing here. I can hold my head up again without feeling as if I'm going to pass out.

The wedding was lovely, a long, long day (I was already getting sick I think), but festive and full of joy. It was strange to be among so many people I was meeting for the first time and have them all saying, "We love your son!" The groom was the brother of our son's girlfriend, who was one of the nine bridesmaids. Her family is clearly as fond of our son as we are of her. He also seems well plugged in to her circle of friends. He always was very social, that boy of ours.

I was going to give you details, like the bride and groom's adorable ten month old son rolling down the aisle in a silver painted toy car bedecked with tulle and bows, and the beautiful rainbow of humans who made up the bridal party, and the rousing DJ at the reception, who had guests of all ages out on the floor doing the electric slide. Even me, with my wonky hip and my feverish brain. It was all big fun, but I am suddenly too tired to be descriptive. I did note that our son seemed so happy to have us there. He seemed proud and pleased to show off his family, and even to dance the electric slide with his mama, which touched my heart.

Another thing that touched my heart: On Sunday, after I had been in bed and eating nothing most of Saturday, my husband awoke and said, "I'm going to nourish you today. They say we're in this together in sickness and in health, so I guess this is the sickness." And he did feed me, an omelet for breakfast, ackee and saltfish (my absolute favorite) for lunch, and poached salmon in rosemary for dinner. I felt a lot better by the end of the day, and this morning, I even did some work. But I still knew I was going to miss choir tonight. I think I might climb back into bed now. That's my son and his girl, who made a beautiful bridesmaid.


  1. So much beauty and light and love! Thank you for those images which cheer and bring a smile.
    Do NOT over do! Rest and heal, woman! (I'm about to go lie down myself.)

  2. Sometimes the only way to show someone our love is to cook for them ... what a good husband. I've been sick all week, Angella, so I can sympathize! Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures. The electric slide, huh? :) :) Awesome!

  3. Beautiful pictures of your family, people of substance that's for sure.
    Being sick sucks big time! You know I have been...far too long. And now look the two commenters above, crazy! Hope you start mending soon, with a good husband like that, it's a little bit easier, huh? But rest, rest, rest, and water - elixir of life.

  4. Lovely pics, and lovely post, except for the sickness part.. theres a lot of crud going around and I'm glad you're on the mend and cared for with such love. You married a keeper! When my people are sick I make soup - it's all I know to do! Wish I could bring you some chicken soup :) xo

  5. I hope you get well soon. It sure is going around! Your husband is so very sweet! The photos are gorgeous! I love that little baby in a suit!!

  6. A lovely time...Sorry to hear you're unwell. Feel better soon!

  7. Oh no, I'm sorry you're sick! But thank goodness for nourishing husbands who can cook! The wedding looks like a terrific time. :)

    You mentioned in your comment on my blog that you may have gone to the Palladium cinema when you lived in London as a child -- and it's possible! Shepherd's Bush isn't THAT far from Parsons Green. Then again, there are lots and lots of old vintage theaters around, some still theaters and some now serving other purposes. Who knows?!

  8. Rest and heal dear Angella. Your husband is a treasure as is your entire family.

  9. Look after yourself, take your time to get well. No rush etc. I know how this works, believe me.
    The wedding looks amazing. And so does your family,

  10. I'm glad you are feeling better. The flu this year is a bad one. So far, touch wood, I have escaped it.
    Beautiful photos. Blessings to new family.

  11. It's wonderful that you're being taken care of with tenderness and delicious food, but I am sorry that you're sick. The wedding photos are fun. Feel better soon.