Friday, March 17, 2017

What universe?

I wake up each morning and wonder: Is this real life? Because the unthinkable is playing out before our eyes. We have a bigoted, narcissistic toddler running the country, one with not the slightest whiff of empathy, and he is the puppet of a white supremacist alcoholic anarchist who has stated to all who will listen his intention to destroy the structures of government and restore privilege and power to "true" Americans, by which he means white people. What he fails to clarify is that he really means white people with pots and pots of money, whose privilege and power are very much intact. The rest of Trump's supporters are supposed to content themselves with the notion that they are still higher on the white nationalist totem pole than their black and brown neighbors who might be struggling right alongside them. For some Trump voters, it will be enough. But others just might wake up and see that they, too, are among the disposable citizens. Maybe they'll help the rest of us hold the line, before our frailest elders are no longer able to count on daily nourishment from Meals on Wheels. Someone I know and love said that when she worked for Meals on Wheels, some of the people she brought food to each day actually cried when she walked in the door. For so many of them, she was their only human contact that day. And school lunches are also slated to be cut in the Trump/Bannon budget, because the children who need it, aren't doing better in school because of it. Honest to God: That is the reasoning. I don't know who measured their performance before and after, I haven't seen any studies or facts and figures, but is that really how we measure the need for the school lunch program? Let Johnny and Jane go hungry dammit because they aren't going to grow up to be rocket scientists anyway (although if the HUD secretary is any indication, they just might manage to become neurosurgeons).


  1. I think the same thing, all the time. It's like we've entered an alternate universe. Remember the episode of Star Trek where Spock and Kirk are in an alternate universe, and they're evil? Well, somehow, that's where we are. How did this happen?!

    I'm not sure the Trump voters won't mind when the promised benefits of his presidency fail to pan out. I think we may see more unrest and insurrection. In the best case scenario, we'll go back to a Rooseveltian (FDR) model of government. Worst case -- anarchy!

  2. Worse case scenario, he presses the button for a nuclear attack and we die...Did you know that Amazon advertises on Breitbart's web site? I've signed petitions for that and other things and won't be using Amazon anytime soon.

  3. It is surreal life that is for sure... the disposable members of Society will be more numerous than most of them think and that for me is the tragic part, they are supporting someone who will think nothing of throwing them all under the bus too along with the rest of us who never supported him... and they will never see it coming. My thought is and has been, they should be thinking who will he {they} come for next? Alas, until it's them and not 'the others' they will and can be on board to support the most inhumane of ideology. The Rich have always known that almost anyone can be bought, it's just a matter of reaching the right price for any particular individual or group they want to control. I can't help but think they're writing bad checks tho' for those Supporters they will manipulate and then dispose of who actually believe they will be rewarded handsomely for being on the bandwagon. Tragic beyond words, but Bad Karma has a way of coming back upon those that justify doing the wrong things for what they think are the right reasons according to self-serving agendas... I just Pray too many atrocities aren't committed before folks come to their senses and realize this is the shitshow many of us have always known it to be and join the Resistance. ... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

    1. Thank you for this thoughtful comment, Dawn. I do believe more people see the truth of what is happening than don't. But what do we do now? I'm trying to puzzle that out.