Monday, February 19, 2018

This time, it feels different

This is where my husband and I lingered as we discussed the state of our world and what we all need to do next. We marveled at the young people in Parkland, Florida, who are speaking such truth to power about guns, advocating for a ban on AK-15 semiautomatic rifles, the weapon of choice for mass shooters in America. In between attending funerals for their 17 schoolmates cut down in a hail of gunfire on Valentine's Day, these kids have an answer for all the usual gun lobby tropes. These students with their broken hearts and burning eyes have vowed to take the lead on bringing to an end the soulless reign of all NRA-funded politicians. "If you can't get elected without taking money from child murderers," student David Hogg asked, "why are you running?" Meanwhile on Insta, one friend posted this: 

All weekend Donald Trump was at Mar-a-lago an hour away from the site of the latest school shooting and he didn't have the courage to face the survivors. Instead he holed up at his golf course and spewed one hateful tweet after another as the Parkland students continued to call him out. New protest marches are being planned, as well as a nation wide 17-minute school walkout. Stayed tuned.


  1. I think those students are magnificent.

    And Trump is beyond dreadful. The whole "dropping by" to see the first responders to the FL tragedy was an insult (especially the photo op of him smiling). And the tweets? Dear lord. I swear the man is like a 12-year-old.

  2. I could not be prouder of these kids. This was very close to home for me, I overheard a call to my doctor from his terrified daughter. I'm furious that this has become part of growing up. I too, feel like it's different and these kids will drive real change.

  3. A 17-minute school walkout throughout the U.S. could bond a generation of young people, sending a strong message that cannot be ignored. May it be so. They will be voting in the elections of the future.

  4. I am very hopeful for the future of your country after seeing those teenagers on the news. Their lives, and the lives of other teens across the country, have been fundamentally changed. They can't *not* be affected. Bravo to them, their parents and neighbours, and all reasonable people across the land who stand with them.

  5. "They are naïve," I heard it said.

    Let them be naïve. Let them not be jaded by power and money over peace and love. Let them believe in right instead of might.

  6. I am filled with a glimmer of hope after hearing the Parkland students. I will march again, alongside the high school students here. I am ready.

  7. I'm heart broken and change can't come soon enough. You can't buy a beer at 18 but you can buy an AR-15, and get cleared within minutes...


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