Monday, April 1, 2024

Easter this year

Here's an album of things that are good in my world. We went bowling on Saturday to mark our girls' birthday; there she is with her mama on one side and her cousin on the other. We had a fabulous family time.

There we are again, my niece about the bowl a strike, my daughter enjoying some wings, my son and husband deep in conversation, my son in law to be in the foreground, crushing every game. How I love all these people.

The last book I collaborated on, Belonging by Michelle Miller, is now out in paperback. My New York Times bestseller! Michelle is the one in pink at the center of the display, and she’s a co-host of CBS Mornings. Her story recounts her poignant search for the mother who walked away from her at birth. One of my former editors took this photo on her travels. I'm sharing it here because the books I write are my babies of another sort. I’ve heard books referred to as children of the mind.

My nephew Brett, who as a musician goes by Walking Eagle, competed on The Voice recently. During that experience, he spent a month before the show aired with scores of other singers who were selected to audition. He made us proud on the show, even though he didn't get very far. But in the process he became good friends with Huntley, who went on to win the whole dang thing! Well, Huntley tapped Brett to join his band, and now they are on a multi-city tour. My nephew is so talented, and such a decent soul, so passionate about music, and now his dreams are starting to take flight. I could not be happier for him. 

Last, and definitely not least, our youngest Harper participated in an Easter Hat parade at her day care in Dallas. Her fancy headwear was made for her by her paternal grandmother, who’s retired now but spent her career as a fashion designer. It's a beautiful Easter hat, and it took first place at the parade, even though Harper wasn't quite sure what the hoopla was about, and what was that thing people kept trying to balance on her head? But isn't she just the cutest, even with that serious side-eye?


The news is on in the background. Honestly, it's unbearable. I was going to get on here to write a screed about the threat that the GOP nominee, the orange man, represents to us all, and my rage at the photo he posted of Biden hog tied in the back of a pick-up truck. Anyone else in this nation would already have been arrested for inciting the kidnap and murder the president, because that was essentially what Trump was doing, but somehow, as he hawks his sixty dollar bibles, and doxes the daughter of the judge in his criminal hush money trial in New York, and proclaims himself the chosen one, likening himself to Jesus at his rallies, the law just wrings its hands and let's him continue to burn our nation down. But you know, I can't. I'm already tired, hollowed out by rage and bewilderment, and much as I hate to admit it, by cynicism too. He's going to skate, isn't he?


  1. I think blogger ate my comment. Anyway, go here, this is funny.

  2. Bowling is just fun. That's all there is to it. Your daughter was smart to pick a bowling alley as a place to party with her loved ones.
    Brett!!!!! He's the epitome of rock and roll god in those pictures. The world is that man's oyster.
    Your book. Of course it's your baby. You are in on the creation and you nurture and grow these books with all of your talent and skill and hard, hard work. And then- off into the world they go!
    I do not think I've ever had the urge to kiss a baby I've only seen in pictures as great as the urge I have to kiss that one.
    As to what's going on in our country with the complete lack of sanity and guardrails- if Reagan was the Teflon President, this man is the greased Satanic pig of the county fair that we call home. It seems there is nothing he can't get away with, nothing that people will not pay to watch as he wreaks destruction of democracy.

  3. Harper in her Easter bonnet is too cute! And congrats to your talented nephew on his music gig! Happy Birthday to your daughter - it will be exciting year for her!
    I read that book when it came out and thought it so interesting and well done. Now I am looking forward to your next release coming soon, I hope! :)

  4. I love seeing photos of your very beautiful and happy family. And I love that the book you wrote is on the NYTimes Bestseller list. Wow! All the family news here is so wonderful. If it weren't for Trump (Ugh I can't believe I just typed that name) this post would be filled with so much love and good news. (NewRobin13)

  5. I used to like to bowl but then the arthritis in my thumbs got so bad I really can't hold onto even the lightest ball anymore. and look are your child of the mind, front and center of the best sellers.

    I have no idea what's going to happen in this country. so many people here want to bring it to its knees I'm having to back off the news too which you can't count on anyway. He finally found someone to post his $175K bond but the price of his social media platform has already tanked and getting worse and rumor has it his handlers have pulled him off the campaign trail because of his worsening dementia. they know how bad off he is. what do they think is going to happen if he is elected? he'll be a puppet for the real wackos pushing their Project 2025 and far right theocracy. scary.

  6. Yes. There is good in the world. There always will be. It is a joy to have glimpses into the good in your world. To be a witness to the positive energy the younger generations of your family bring to our troubled world, to witness your love for them, and to know there is a vast audience for the heartening books you write.

  7. I believe that trump will have his comeuppance, I just hope it's sooner rather than later.
    When I saw that photo of your book, my face broke out in a huge smile.
    I'm glad you guys had such a lovely party with your daughter and family for her birthday.
    One of our new docs is from Jamaica. He's tall, dark and handsome, as well as kind with a wonderful sense of humour. I like to tease him and one day he told me that I made a black man blush. I told him that my work here is done and he laughed even more.

  8. The answer is Yes. Olivia

  9. As a Canadian, all of your current political ferment terrifies me. But, there is that beautiful family. And there is that incredibly adorable girl baby. Thank you for the lift.