Saturday, July 18, 2009

Love Story

I think one of the ways in which my husband is grieving his mother is by scanning and preserving all the old photographs he can find of her and his dad. I love these pictures.

His mom is so elegant and yet so innocent-looking. 

His dad is so handsome and dashing.

Their love is so evident.

This last picture is of my husband as a toddler. He loved when his dad held him upside down over the side of their gallery. This is one of his all-time favorite pictures. Turn it upside down, he says, and you see the big happy smile on his face. He sees this photo as the image of pure, unadulterated trust, a metaphor for his childhood.


  1. thanks for visiting the mouse and especially for leaving a comment!! I love your blog and look forward to coming back for lots of nibbling.

    these photos are priceless. I can get so lost in old family photos.... I always find it a bit like time travel!

  2. mouse! thanks so much for nibbling! i love your blog.

  3. Beautiful story ... thanks for sharing.

  4. These pictures paint a new and beautiful world for my thoughts to travel to. Thank you for letting us in!

  5. A Well, I just found your blog. It's delicious. Thanks for following.

  6. OMG!!! What a gorgeous family.
    I love these photos, partic. your
    hubby as an upside-down boy!

  7. I'm in love with that last picture. It's fun linking back to your archived posts! Glad I linked to this one!! :)