Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dreaming of Home

I am at work on a Tuesday night, waiting for final page proofs to come through so I can sign off on them. I am in denial about how long this will take, so I am forgoing a trip downstairs with the rest of the crew to buy dinner. I am holding fast to the idea that I will soon be home with my husband, who may or may not be cooking a delicious meal, but who is certainly waiting with big warm arms and a chest I can lay my head on.

I am also really missing my kids right now. They will be at camp for two weeks more, so here is a picture of them from their goofy period (which has not yet ended).


  1. great snap of your kids!

    at 54, I still have yet to outgrown my goofy period!

    hope tuesday's dinner was good! the spinach mushroom quiche I made last night turned out to be a hit! and the leftover slice will be perfect for lunch tomorrow!

  2. One should never outgrow one's goofy period so kudos to you! And the quiche sounds yummy.


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