Friday, April 9, 2010

Getting Grown

Yesterday, my daughter's orthodontist made her day when he informed her that in three weeks the braces on her lower teeth will be removed, and three weeks after that, the upper set will also disappear. She's over the moon! She feels as if she's waited just about forever for this day. But her mother will miss her sweet little brace face.


  1. Yay for her! When I got my braces off, I was a bit self-conscious at first, my teeth felt all naked. :)

  2. A true milestone! How exciting for her.....she will always have that sweet face!

  3. ellen, i remember the day I got my braces off. they felt naked, but wonderfully so!

    Isabella, thanks for appreciating my girl's sweet face!

  4. Congrats to your beautiful daughter! I'll bet she is ecstatic.

    I love the posts you didn't write, and my heart kind of jumped reading the letter in your last post. YES things can and have changed. More change is in store which is why the tea baggers
    are so riled up.

    My housemate said it perfectly - they're behaving like drug addicts who have been denied their fix. It's really extreme. Scary.