Monday, April 26, 2010

Penn Relays!

My daughter and one of my nephews study the scoreboard
just after Jamaica's Usain Bolt ran his lightening fast 4x100 meter
race at Penn Relays last Saturday. They're just realizing that
Bolt clocked a new world record for his split, covering
100 meters in 8.79 seconds. Unbelievable!

This nephew of mine talked trash the whole time with grown
men sitting around us. They loved it! There was much good-natured
banter, with the Americans in the stands chanting "U.S.A.!" and the
Jamaicans countering "Jam-ai-ca!" My nephew is a runner, too.
And he's fast. He's just 9 now, but we will be cheering for him soon.

Two more of my beloved nephews watch the races from the
jam-packed stands. There was so much green and gold apparel
in sight, not to mention Jamaican flags, you would have
thought we were in Jamaica. My daughter, the only girl in this row,
is growing up with a whole lot of boy cousins, which was also my story.

After the relays, the crowds file out of the U-Penn arena
in Philadelphia for the long drive back to their various cities.
Our group was one of the last to disperse. We had arrived from
New York, Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey and wanted to visit
for as long as possible. This pic is blurry but the boys' expressions
are so sweet that I love it anyway. All in all, an exhilarating day.

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