Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring fever

The fluffy white blossoms appeared overnight, all up and down the avenues. Next will be the clouds of pink, hugging the branches like cotton candy, wanton and promising everything.

Meanwhile, I can't make myself focus on work unless I stay in my sleep clothes and boot up the computer first thing. If I get dressed at all for the day, I get this yen to wander and I can't make myself sit and do the work, even with the deadlines looming.

I had a meeting downtown this morning, something that may yield an opportunity two years down the road, maybe. But the woman I met with was lovely and I am practicing saying yes to everything I can, at least until it becomes clear to me which door is open to me and beckoning me to walk through.

There are some interesting prospects floating around, but I have to reach out and seize the possibilities with both hands, I have to write the kick-ass letter selling myself, and for two days now I have tried to marshal the energy to do that, and I find I only want to dream.

Tomorrow I will do the financial aid form first thing. I will make the numbers sit still long enough to be analyzed and entered into small boxes, praying all the while they won't lie and say that we can afford more in tuition than we truly can.

Then I will write the two letters I have been invited to write, and after that I will look at my mile long list and decide everything else can wait. And I will climb under the covers or I will go outside and sit on a bench and I will read. Just that. This is my plan.


  1. Good Lord, what a picture! Spring fever is a real thing and it takes many forms. Do for yourself what you yearn to do. Please?
    Loving you so much...M

  2. it looks like you're getting into a routine, and motivating yourself. that's good to hear

  3. It sounds good -- really, really good.

  4. That sounds like an ideal plan, actually.

  5. this post brought the broadest smile to my face. yes!

  6. It seems that before big changes in my life, there have always been a lot of false starts--not in a bad way, just many things turning up and fluttering around. So I think you are doing just the right thing--open to everything on the wind, waiting to see what might catch. I hope you sat and read. Love.