Saturday, April 23, 2016

Yoga then

The all-knowing Facebook sent me a notification this morning of someone's birthday, a wonderful young woman named Jodi, who used to do parent and kid yoga classes back when my daughter was in second and third grades (the age she is in the photo above). We did that class together twice a week, my girl and I, with several other parents and their children, many of whom were in my daughter's grade at school. We were a class of friends, two generations strong, with Jodi guiding us through the sweetest most soul strengthening poses.

But that wasn't even the best part. For every one of us, parents and kids, the best part came at the end, when Jodi put on the soothing music, and we lay down on our mats for relaxation. Our children would invariably scoot over to their parent's mat from theirs, and curl themselves against us, going to sleep in our arms. It was heaven on earth, and it got even better. While we lay with our eyes closed in the dim room, bathed by the soft music, Jodi would go to each and every person in turn and massage our feet with lavender oil. The kids loved it. I don't even have to tell how much their parents did, too.

During that period, several members of our class chose to hold birthday parties at Jodi's yoga studio, and she is certainly part of the reason some of the parents in that class are still so bonded today. It broke our hearts a bit when Jodi's rent was raised so that she could no longer afford her dreamy, candy-colored studio with its peace posters and jewel-toned gauze curtains and happy flower power vibe. Jodi ultimately decided to move west with her much loved dog Chants, and our classes came to an end. But oh, it was a delightful interlude in our lives, the sweetest thing. Thank you, Jodi, for giving us those two years of such holy bonding time with our children and dear friends. Happy birthday, darling woman. May you always know the joy you brought to our lives.


  1. Wow, that sounds like heaven. I mean, I don't have a child, so I'd have to skip that part, but I could definitely go for the foot rub. :)

  2. I didn't get into yoga when my big kids were little and it would have been good for us. I was very stressed with it all (no support system and a husband on the road). However, we did have some amazing times with our blow up guitars and sunglasses, miming to Carlos Santana's "Smooth" after bath time.
    I'm blogging about sleep at the moment so I may have to expand that to kid routines - thank you! x

  3. That sounds so nice. I want to grab your tiny daughter then and squeeze her so tight. She is just so cute - back then and now!

  4. Oh my. That does sound like heaven. I would love that with my daughter right now. Not like that kind of thing exists over here. Maybe I should just imagine it myself.

  5. This just slayed me. I'm dead. Such sweetness...
    I thought savasana was wonderful but you just made it 1 million times better.

  6. That sounds like a wonderful bonding experience.