Monday, February 13, 2017

We workers

So, I finished the book proposal. An entire draft, 54 pages, done. Now I just have to read and edit from beginning to end, and then all that will be left it to screw up my courage and turn it in! I hope those waiting for its delivery will not be disappointed. I've done my best. And I will take their revision notes with grace.

My son has been working long hours lately, double shifts and overnights at the EMS station. He has an apartment to furnish. "Are we rich yet?" he said to me the other night as his dad and I drove him home so he wouldn't have to take the train. Really, the offer to drive him was just an excuse to spend time with him. Now that he no longer lives with us, he's more forthcoming about his days, and I love hearing the stories. He loves his job. He doesn't get paid very much, but he goes home feeling as if he made a difference to someone every single day. 


  1. A man like this did not spring from nowhere. He was nurtured and raised in love.
    I know you know that but I am reminding you.
    Now- may they book proposal take wing! I feel certain it will all work out.

  2. Oh, boy, did you and your husband raise a good one. Hope there are more like him around this country, and that they are our future.

  3. Wow. He is going to see a lot of interesting things in this line of work, no doubt! I'm sure it's hard for his coworkers to see the same individuals over and over -- I wouldn't doubt that he might get hardened to it at some point. Having said that, I'm sure he will always maintain the willingess to help and an openness to others' difficulties, because that's part of the person. It doesn't go away with time.

  4. He really is so gorgeous -- I've loved seeing him grow into this wonderful man over the years that I've been reading your blog. And yay on the proposal! My fingers are crossed! I, too, am working on a manuscript and have a deadline to get fifty pages to an editor by the end of the month. We need to catch up and tell one another everything!

  5. From a "socialist" ;-) European point of view (German/Austrian): I did read your "unabridged" version as well. Your are an excellent writer and the personal info is an even greater window into the world of Non-Trumpian US. Congratulations to you and your familiy. Barbara