Monday, July 24, 2023

The crew

Arsenal played Man City in an exhibition game at the Meadowlands this weekend, and of course, my family full of Arsenal fans was in the stands, all of them decked out in Arsenal gear. If you doubt their passion, peep the matching Arsenal cannon tattoos sported by my son and one of his best buds. I didn't go. I loved imagining my loves together at a stateside premier league soccer game, enjoying themselves, but for me, the trains, the stairs, the heat, the crowds, it sounded a bit like one of the circles of hell. Mitigated by the fact that I would have been with beloveds, of course. Still, I was very happy to have a peaceful day at home writing. I took a break to sit in the gardens for an hour with my friend Jane, who is struggling with vertigo right now. It's hanging on way long. We commiserated on body betrayals before moving on to more cheerful things. Then I went back home and finished the hardest chapter of the book so far. 

My kids and their loves sent me lots of photos, knowing it was my absolute preferred way to take in that game. My husband forgot his phone at home, and got separated from the kids twice among the 80,000 people in attendance. The first time was at the train station. Fortuitously, he ran into our nephew Matthew, who had traveled down from Toronto with friends to see the game. It was so random, he had no idea Matthew would be there. Luckily Matt has our son's number in his contacts, because my husband doesn't know it by heart, he only uses speed dial. I later observed (very unhelpfully) that this is why I never use speed dial, so I'll remember everyone's number in a pinch. 

The second time my beloved got separated was in the concession area soon after the group arrived at the stadium. My man bought himself and our daughter yet another Arsenal jersey each, then looked up and realized he could see no one he knew. They hadn't gone to their seats yet, so he had no idea where to go, as my son had all the tickets. My son finally found him, and scolded him, "Pops, you can't keep wandering off! Remember, you don't have your phone." The man and I were in stitches when he recounted this story to me later. Oh, how the wheel has turned. 

They all had a wonderful time. I did, too. I snapped the picture of our garden's back yard as I was walking home from where Jane and I had sat in the courtyard in front of her building. Everything is in full flower and a little bit wild. And now it's the end of July already, and the orange one may well be indicted for his insurrection activities this week. As a woman I know likes say, "It's a good day to have a good day." May that be true for us all.


  1. Splendid group photo of your beloveds. Yes, it certainly is a good day to have a good day. Thank you for sharing the beautiful garden.

  2. how can't keep wandering off. I scold my husband all the time when he leaves the house without his phone. and then the other day I ran an errand and left my phone (unintentionally) behind. It's not like there's pay phones everywhere these days. also so handy when you get separated in a store or, in your case, at an event.

  3. I would hate to be with 80,000 people, not my jam:) Your family looks like they're having a wonderful time though.
    As for the orange POS, if there is any justice in this world, he will go to jail.


    1. How do we get beyond Trump and Biden? Time for both to move along. It's a mess. I like to think we can do better, but then again I live in a state that elected Fetterman, who was clarly not a competent choice at this point in his life. Oye. Kim in PA

  4. This post made me chuckle. My late husband and I raised our children in Highbury, and grew to become obsessive about home matches because they brought so much local chaos ( parking , overloaded tube, and not all football fans are well behaved ). It’s interesting to see that your family enjoy “ footie”
    so much - can I ask what the link with Arsenal is ? My son , born streets away from the Arsenal ground, was always a Manchester United supporter for some reason - no idea why

  5. Well, it looks like they had a good time! I wouldn't want to go either, tho...
    I don't have any of my kids' phone numbers memorized anymore, altho, I can still remember our home phone number from when I was a little girl: Mayfair 7-6012!

  6. It looks like everybody had a good time at the game. Their smiles are great! The role reversal is a funny story. Your garden photo is beautiful. Green spaces are so important and convening with nature and the great outdoors is one of my favorite activities.