Saturday, March 28, 2009

Birthday Girl!

Our freshly minted fifteen year old took this pic of her birthday cupcakes with her brand new camera. This close-up represents two of her best loved pasttimes, cupcake artistry and macro photo views of the world.


  1. Nice! What kind of camera is it?

  2. ellen, it's a Canon Power Shot SD770 IS (digital elph). It's a little beauty with a rich colors and a lot of versatility (if you read the instruction guide). I am hinting broadly for one for my birthday next month.

  3. I am a loyal Nikon gal, myself, but I have heard good things about that camera.

    Good luck on the hinting!

  4. This is an amazing photo!
    And your daughter is an amazing young woman!

  5. Leslie, yes, she is! And thank you.


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