Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Face

My husband and I went walking along the Hudson River path this afternoon, strolling, taking pictures, stopping under trees, sitting on rocks to talk, then walking some more. He took this photo of me, and although I generally dislike photos of myself, for some reason I embrace this one, lines around the eyes, fullness of the face, grey at the temples, all of it. He is the only person who is able to take pictures of me that I don't immediately want to burn. I think it's because he sees me with generous eyes, and gives that back to me on film. He wouldn't let me take his portrait in return, though. He kept turning away, putting his hand in front of the lens, teasing me with funny faces, even when I reminded him that I would be looking through the lens with loving eyes. I sure would. But as you can see, no pictures of him, yet.


  1. What a lovely photo! The expression in your eyes is just beautiful.

  2. what a wonderful portrait!

    and as far as your sweet husband letting you take a photo of him, all i can say is what you ask!!!

  3. ellen and mouse, thanks!

    mouse, i have to ask. candids are impossible. or rather they are possible, but not for what i want to capture of him. that he has to sit still and be open for. soon...

  4. mommy, you're beautiful and this is a wonderful photo of you. i love you

  5. Simply gorgeous!

    I believe the same - the most flattering photographs always seem to be taken by those who love us...and hopefully we can return the favor (and not be forced into taking their portraits while they're sleeping!).

  6. It is indeed - a very beautiful face!!
    Your entire family is gorgeous, with a strong family resemblance.
    And the photo of your husband taken on Sept. 1986...
    The man could have been a movie-star, he's so gorgeous!
    You two make a wonderful couple!!

  7. Thanks, Gabriele. We look nothing like we did in '86, neither of us does, but I still find him hot!