Friday, July 16, 2010


I'm feeling a little gray. I am a cliche, depressed by my newly empty nest, and even though I know my daughter's coming back, and has two more years of high school before she truly flies the coop, still, I have glimpsed the loneliness of being without her and her brother, the TV shows we used to watch together that suddenly hold no appeal, the laughter and the silliness they share with their dad, suddenly not there, and my husband and me, rattling around the suddenly large, eerily clean apartment, not having to compete to use anything.

I know he misses them, too. He says, "There's not enough silly in the house!"


  1. i'm sorry you are felling gray (or would that be blue)


  2. thank you, mouse. the good thing about a blog is you can write what you are feeling and that act alone begins the healing.

  3. ...and we also see the proof that the down times are just part of the cycle, not the story from now on! lol

    hope you are well, kim, friend.