Thursday, July 1, 2010

Trying to be Reborn

Concerned that my cousin Pearl will not pass the rehab intake interview after 5 days in a hotel room with her primary partner in addiction, the family has arranged for another cousin to go and get her on Tuesday morning and accompany her to the interview. We've tried to impress on Pearl that she cannot be stumbling around high or falling down drunk or slurring her words or being generally and loudly disagreeable that morning. One of my aunts put it plainly when she said to my cousin, "This might well be your last chance, so sieze it with both hands. And if you spend several months in rehab and your mother dies during that time, know in your heart that she will have died happy, because you are getting help." I don't know if that was a good thing to say to my cousin at this juncture or not, but it was a true thing. My aunt didn't mince words.


  1. Would they prevent her from coming to rehab if she were drunk or using? It seems to me that many of the people who need rehab are LIKELY to be inebriated during their intake interviews. In any case, keeping my fingers crossed that things go well!

  2. Steve, I said the same thing to my husband this morning!. But I think what they're looking for is some sense that she wants to change her life, and if she's cussing and carrying on, they may not feel that she's ready.

    Thanks for the crossed fingers! Mine are crossed, too.

  3. i like what you aunt said....hopefully her words had the desired effect.

    holding your cousin in my heart

    joining in the crossing of digits!!

    have a great weekend - and try not to let those birds of worry make nests in your hair!