Monday, July 5, 2010

In Italia!

The culinary/slow food movement/ Italy travel group.

They visisted famous historic places in Rome.

Some photos of my daughter's Italy group showed up on her Facebook page this morning. I love Facebook. My daughter sends me Inbox messages when she can get online. Her group leader clearly knows teenagers: The group managed to stop by an Internet Cafe once a day when they were in Roma (this is how my daughter now refers to it). Dinner didn't usually happen till 10:30 at night, and my daughter said the streets were still full at one in the morning. Romans stay up late. The group has been in San Sebastiano since Saturday, embarked on their two-week homestay with Italian host families. They get together every day for outings with their various host siblings and one another. My girl has many new friends on Facebook, all with Italian-sounding names. She says she's learning the language, but has to speak simply and use lots of gestures. And she says that when all else fails, she resorts to Google translate, often with hilarious results.

New friendships are being forged from common
interests and shared experiences.


  1. I'm so happy for her! And for you - thank God for Facebook, huh? Yay internet. :)

    I'm glad her trip so far seems to be filled with fun and friends, as well as learning.

    Viva Italia!

  2. This sounds great! Sounds like she's handling it all very well. And yes FB has its dawbacks but it's really great for connecting.