Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The day is finally here.

President Obama went back to Iowa for his final campaign speech last night. He went back to the state where it all started, and his voice caught with emotion. I remember I was in my tax accountant's living room the night Obama won the Iowa caucus in 2008. I was getting my taxes done early so we could complete the FAFSA and apply for scholarships for my son for college. In the midst of the paper shuffle, I looked up at the TV and the results coming in said Obama had won. It was the moment I realized he was a viable candidate, that people other than me believed in him, and I have been in his corner ever since. I am also remembering that four years ago, on the day before the election, his beloved grandmother died. I was in the office when the news came in, and we all stopped the frenzy of election coverage for a few minutes and took in the sadness that the woman who had helped raise this fine man would not be alive to see him make history. Secretly I thought, Perhaps she can do more for him from the other side. That night in Virginia in the rain, tears rolled down the candidate's face as he remembered his grandmother. There are so many hidden sociopaths in positions of power in business and politics. Obama is not one of them. He is disciplined and civil and tough and cerebral, but he also feels very deeply. He possesses empathy. Give me that. I'm off to vote for my president.


  1. I remember that when he won four years ago, my son called me and he was crying. "We did it!" he said.
    Oh god. Let us do it again.
    I just used that same picture on my blog post for this morning. Obama crying.
    Oh, Angella. I'm holding your hand and you are holding mine and we are all holding each others' hands and I'm already crying a little bit and may all of our tears tonight be of happiness and relief.

  2. I am holding my breath and I've broken out in hives. We were #2 and #3 in the line this morning. I hope we knocked some of the Republican votes in this state of Indiana to null and void! Tough being a Democrat in a republican state.