Friday, June 14, 2013

Just being

Now that the sky-obliterating scaffolds around my building have been finally taken down, the benches where I like to sit and read and dream and watch the leaves sway against the blue and chat with my neighbors who happen by, are accessible again. This is such a good thing for my state of mind. Another good thing: I'm working from home this morning, and my girl is free to spend the afternoon with me. What will we get up to? Stay tuned.


  1. It is a wonderful thing to work from home, especially with someone precious to keep you company!

  2. this shot is sort of magical. the dappled light, the empty benches and the old bricks...I can feel it, this quiet, peace filled mood.
    A perfect friday for you! yay!

  3. What a wonderful shot. I can almost HEAR that shady spot.

  4. Excellent! Hope you had a fabulous day. :)