Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Usual Posture #104

I miss this boy of mine who is now a man. I go into his room sometimes and just stand there, thinking that maybe I will put his clothes piled up on the far side of his bed into a suitcase till he returns at the end of summer. The clothes are folded for the most part and sit on top of a trunk, also full of who knows what. I appreciate that he tucked them out of the way on the far end of the room. Usually I stand there for a while and look at them, evidence that he has been here and will be coming back soon. And then I turn and walk back out of the room.


  1. Oh Sugar. Jessie's room still holds so many of her things. So many.
    I understand.

  2. The image of you, standing in his room, is haunting. The image of him -- such a gorgeous young man.

  3. If they're folded, I'd say that's half the battle. :)

    Seriously, I'm sure you do miss him. He's home, yet he's not. A strange in-between state.

  4. Oh, I do know that standing, in the presence of one's absent children. And how we are able to feel so much of them, despite the space....