Sunday, June 9, 2013

The travelers have returned...

 with wonderful stories of family abroad, the beautiful bride and her gallant groom, and an adorable 3-year-old diva princess in a fairytale dress who didn't want to scatter the flowers when the time came and threw a tantrum when denied champagne.

There was a tower of artful desserts, wedding guests dancing late into the night, and cousins and aunts the day after, and the laughs they all shared. These photos were snapped by me on the way to breakfast this morning as we stood waiting for a traffic signal to change.


  1. Nothing can break my heart in two with such love as the sight of a good daddy and his daughter. Just...that most simple thing which you either have or you do not. Had or did not.
    If you and I have done one thing in this world, it is that we have given our daughters good fathers. That.

    1. Mary, I so adore this comment. Yes, we have done that right, given our girls good fathers, and our daughters are so steady in a certain way because of it. I love you, my sister spirit. I keep remembering your post the other day, All is One. And we are.

  2. I love both of ya'lls comments -- and think back (actually not back but the present, too!) of my good daddy. I love these photos, Angella -- so much caught joy.

  3. What beautiful pictures of calm, steady, peaceful love.

  4. It feels good seeing your husband and his daughter. In a hopeful way. In a "I deserve nothing less than a good man way" (I think I'll now go write a blog post titled just that).
    Many hugs.

  5. It's always risky to involve a 3-year-old in a wedding ceremony!

  6. Ha! It's also risky sometimes to involve the groom.

    Great daddy & daughter pics!