Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Anniversary Month

In a couple of weeks we will have been married 27 years. Look at us back then, at Bonne Terre in St. Lucia a little while after we got engaged. My father took this photo, which has lived in a frame on my parents' dresser longer than we have been married. Dang, we're cute, even in this sun-faded record. I don't think we fully understood or appreciated the extravagant gifts of youth. I'm trying not to make the same mistake at the age we are now.


  1. Young people never understand the extravagant gifts of youth, do they?!

  2. You both look to be about twelve years old -- cute is not strong enough a word to convey that innocence and ease.

  3. Y'all are still beautiful. Appreciate it.

  4. Brilliant that, trying not to make the same mistake with age.

    And look at the two of you! So beautiful and happy and young. I wish you so many more beautiful and happy years together.

  5. Happy Anniversary Month, you kids!

  6. Oh my, that photo. It is perfect. And your words, I can't explain why they made my eyes tear up, but they did. Happy Anniversary, and may you celebrate many, many more.

    I've missed you. And I'm going to try to appreciate the extravagant gifts of now, I'm sure I can find them if I remember where to look :) We are 7 weeks away from our 27th too, isn't it amazing where the time went?

  7. ‎*.☆。☆。*。☆。*。☆。☆。*。☆。☆。*。☆。☆。* 。☆.*
    …………..HAPPY…….. ANNIVERSARY!………_______………………..。
    * .☆。*。☆。☆。*。☆。☆。*。☆。☆。 *。☆。☆。*.☆.*

  8. Oh, the gifts! The gifts!
    Best to step into that awareness
    every day, every hour, every minute,
    as they do have a tendency
    to make their exits
    when your back is turned
    worrying about something
    that, in the end, matters not at all.

    Happy happy to you!

  9. What a gorgeous gorgeous couple you were - and still are! (27 years!!!) This is such a sweet and unselfconscious photo in front of the trees; youth and love and a wonderful red blossom tree.


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