Wednesday, August 28, 2013


The text my daughter sent me this morning after getting out of her first class of the year:

"Mom, it's so good to be back!"

And now I can exhale.

Speaking of exhaling, here's a beautiful update: With the repeal of DOMA, my friend Mark and his husband Fred, who is French, have prevailed. Mark's petition for a green card for Fred has been has been approved. Here's a photo of the happy couple of 23 years and their lovely family, cribbed from Facebook. I imagine they feel as if the sky overhead is twice as large today.


  1. I was thinking today, listening to the speakers at the Fiftieth Anniversary of the I Have A Dream speech in Washington that if people had known it would take fifty years before things were even to the point they are today as it comes to equality for the races, it would have made them despair. Us despair. I remember that. I was nine. I was young but I was a citizen who cared deeply, even then.
    Anyway- if Mark and Fred had known that it would take 23 years for their relationship to get the same rights as any committed relationship, would they have had the courage to hang in there? I don't know. I guess what I'm thinking is that patience is best fed by ignorance of how long the positive outcome will take.
    And for the sake of Mark and Fred and especially for their children, I am so grateful that they DID have the patience, the strength. And they must have had hope, which we all must have.

  2. The repeal of DOMA is a beautiful thing. Yay, Mark and Fred!