Friday, October 13, 2017


I've had these photos on my desktop for the longest while, thinking I might make posts about them. Today, I'm just going to throw them up here in no particular order, because what I really want is to hold the record of them on my blog.

That's my nephew, a wonderful musician, channelling Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley with a little Simon and Garfunkel thrown in. The result is his own divine sound. I look at this picture, taken in his college dorm room, and all I can think is this talented young man is a throwback to another decade. I was in college in the seventies, and it looked just like that. 

I love this picture of my son and his girlfriend at a friend's wedding. Don't they clean up nice? My son has attended four weddings already this year, four last year, and he already knows about three he will have to attend next year. All his friends, it seems, are getting hitched. He even officiated at the wedding of a couple he introduced, a college buddy and a work friend. They had already done a courthouse thing, so my son didn't need to be officially certified to perform the ceremony. I heard from his girlfriend that he did a fine job, and looked good up there, too.

Ever heard of butter coffee, also known as bulletproof coffee? My brother introduced me to it. It's made from your favorite brew (mine is Jamaican Blue Mountain beans, which my brother also brought me) mixed with coconut oil, butter, and vanilla extract all whipped up in a blender. The foam is incredible. Some people add stevia, some add cinnamon or nutmeg, some add a shot of heavy cream. I've noticed on the mornings I drink it, I head straight to my computer and start working away, distinctly more energized. It's rather high in calories, and since I'm counting those suckers at the moment, I don't eat a full breakfast when I have it. There is a lot of debate about whether the trend is healthy or not, but I confess my main reason for enjoying this new morning beverage is the smell of the virgin coconut oil. It takes me right back to my childhood and teenage years at Doctor's Cave Beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We used to rub on coconut oil as suntan lotion, which was an appalling idea. We were basically cooking ourselves out there on that lovely reflective white sand. But now the smell of coconut oil is like a moment of whiplash, time collapses, and suddenly I'm back there, with all the people who were part of that era, and the memory is delicious.

Nothing much else to report this morning, and now I need to get to work.

Happy Friday, my loves!


  1. I love these photos! The one of your nephew does look like a throwback to another time, one that I am particularly fond of. I would love to hear his music. Your family is so beautiful. And your choice of morning beverage sounds delicious!

  2. Your nephew makes me believe in reincarnation.
    Your son and his girlfriend are adorable. I wonder if all of these weddings are having an influence on them...
    That coffee. Oh my. Sounds like it's worth every calorie.

  3. Wow, lovely photos and that brew...does it come in Decaf?

  4. I love random posts, especially with pictures. Seems like a conversation over the kitchen table.

    Your nephew really does look like he stepped out of the past. I remember you posted a video of him and he is very talented too.

  5. Ah, coconut oil. For me it brings back memories of a flat tummy, breasts standing at attention and laying in my bikini at the river with 1000 of my closet friends when summer had no end in sight.

    Could you please post a picture of the recipe for your coffee? I want to try it!