Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Happy birthday to my darling niece!

She's the radiant one in red.

Wishing a fantastic 2018 to our beloved "other daughter," who brings such happiness and opinionated goodness to our lives. As my brother, her dad, once said of her: "She doesn't take up a lot of space in this world, but she defends it fiercely." She defends those she loves just as fiercely. I am so grateful that my children got to grow up with her as their wise, responsible, no nonsense, yet riotously fun loving big sister. Her advice is always on point, pragmatic and unadorned, refusing to mince words yet always loving.

She and my son went to the same college, overlapping for three years. Once when I had been texting and texting my boy and he wasn't responding, I worriedly texted my niece. She got out of her bed in cold, snowy Ithaca and trudged across campus to find my boy. "Call your mother," she commanded. "She thinks you're dead.'' And he did. She is perhaps the only person in this world who can actually command my son. She is the general of her generation, as well as the ambassador of entertainments, the one who two years ago put together the 21st birthday celebration of my daughter's dreams, to my eternal relief.

We hope you have the most wonderful birthday! We love you madly and completely, always and forever. I am so glad you're ours.


  1. I like that she told him to call his mother, she thinks you're dead. She sounds like a strong, pragmatic young woman. We need more of those in this world.

  2. Happiest of birthdays to your amazing niece!

  3. Sounds exactly what Hank would say. He would say, "Call Mom. She thinks you're dead."
    Happy birthday to that beautiful girl! I bet she DOES defend her space fiercely and that she is able to command more folks than just your son.

  4. May she have the best of years in 2018!