Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Channeling joy

Just before I started blogging in 2008, I went to an acupuncturist who was also an intuitive. He told me that soon, I would be reuniting with my tribe of healers, and it would be of great comfort to us all. I have often wondered if he was talking about my community here, because I have encountered some of the most healing spirits right in this place. And some of you—Rebecca, Scott and Yolie, Susan, Gary, Glenn—I have even met in the non-virtual world, and now I can add to that list—drumroll please—Elizabeth and Oliver!

Elizabeth, mother of Sophie, Henry and Oliver, blogs at A Moon Worn As If It Were A Shell, and she and Oliver happened to be in New York City this past weekend for a family event. We met for breakfast at Sarabeth's on Tuesday morning. I was nervous, y'all. I even texted another of our blog friends here, who I knew would understand the angst about showing up. But of course, the moment Elizabeth and I wrapped each other in a bear hug on the sidewalk of Amsterdam Avenue, I realized I was meeting an old friend, one I knew under the skin, and already loved. It was amazing, the familiarity and ease between people meeting for the first time. And Oliver! What a great kid! I adored him. In truth, I already loved him, too—I've kind of known him since he was seven years old, after all—but he is every wonderful thing his mother writes about him and more.  We all talked and laughed and speared food from each other's plates, and it felt like drinking deep of a friendship that somehow feels older than we are.

We entreated Oliver to take pictures of us, and he so graciously did, but the one up top is my favorite, a moment he caught when we weren't posing, we were just channeling joy. Black and white or color, I couldn't decide, so I've posted both.

I know I haven't been around here much lately. I was going through a spell in which I was just so slammed with work, trying to finish the book (last week I did!), trying to stay on top of a new side gig I picked up, editing for a magazine (from home!), navigating hoards of much-loved company over Thanksgiving, and trying to restore my soul from the things that get reported nightly on the news. But after breakfasting with Elizabeth and Oliver, I wanted nothing more than to come back here, to this blogging community that sustains me, and for which I am ever grateful. Truly, you are my tribe.


  1. I showed that picture to several of my family members. "Look!" I said. "Look at this picture! Rosemarie and Elizabeth got to meet each other!"
    I was so thrilled. My family was like, "Yeah, Mom! That's great!"
    But really? They do understand.
    I love how you wrote this. It's perfect. "...a friendship that feels older than we are."

  2. Lovely happy photo. It's good to have you back ! X

  3. I'm so glad you two/three got to meet. It looks like you had a lovely Thanksgiving, you are blessed to have such a large, loving family.

  4. I've had several meet-ups and am always nervous beforehand but it has always been as you describe. old friends I am finally meeting for the first time in the flesh.

  5. It has always been a delight of the heart to meet up with old blogging friends. Haven't done it in a while, but it truly is like meeting old friends for the first time.

  6. What an extraordinary surprise! I recognized Oliver before I noticed you and Elizabeth standing behind him and had a moment of disorientation that turned to immense joy as I read further. Yes, a growing tribe of healers. A lasting joy!

  7. I love this picture of you three! I'm kind of sad at the timing! Wish I could have been there. XOXO

  8. A tribe of healers, that sounds lovely, whether in person or via blogland and miles apart.

  9. Tribe of healers. I like that. You certainly have soothed and guided me. The impact you've had on me is epic.


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