Saturday, November 23, 2019

Random youth

This turned up, a photo of me at 18. And then a couple of days later, another photo showed up, this one of my man when he was 18. I wonder what it means, this twin blast from the past, our innocence almost painful. You can see our dream of the future, right there at the surface. And now here we are.

A man we know, who we saw recently at our friend's art show, was saying how we all wish we were young again, but really, our twenties were the most miserable decade, we had no idea what we would do with our lives, whether anyone would love us, or how we should feel about anything. In truth, my twenties were desperately lonely, less so after I met that string bean of a man who opened his heart to mine.

I'm sorry I've been scarce in these parts. I'm trying to write the book. It's hard going right now. But as someone here once said (Denise, it was you) you just have to sit yourself in the chair ready to write each morning so the muse can find you.


  1. These photos move me deeply. Hearts that can open to one another.

    It was 1968 when I was 18. A hard year with even harder years to come. No desire to be in my 20s again.

    Sending love to you as you work on the book.

  2. I can't imagine writing an entire book. It's got to be hard work and yet you have this gift. How wonderful!

    Love the photos.

    And my grandson, he's only standing in the photo. He likes to pull himself up everywhere. He's here again this weekend, just gone down for a nap. Have a wonderful weekend with your family.

  3. So lovely to see photos of you and your love's young selves. I try to remember sometimes what it was like to be in my 20s and have a world full of dreams ahead of me. Ah, that was so long ago.

  4. ah youth. we were all so good looking. I never thought I was pretty in the classical sense, striking maybe, attractive. I never wore makeup so that may have part of my wallflower status. anyway, I look at pictures of me in my 20s and think, damn, you looked pretty good. but would I want to go back to then? hell no, for all the reasons you list. nor my teens either.

    I know how blogging goes or doesn't when we are busy. gotta get the book written or the art made.

  5. Excellent advice, all of this.
    And those pictures of you and your man when you were still on your paths to meet each other...

  6. Pretty sure it doesn't matter, but, oh gosh, were you beautiful people.

  7. What sweet, sweet photos. A new photo from our past is a precious thing, is it not?

    Making a book - something eternal made out of thin air, it seems to me - is a miracle. You are a miracle maker.

  8. 2 lovely photos. Yes looking back my 20's were pretty depressing too. Mind you I wouldn't mind revisiting them for a while now.

  9. Love the photos. Yeah, I wish I had the physical strength of my 20's self with the wisdom and emotional maturity of myself now. (Not that I'm all THAT mature, but I'm better than I was!)

    1. I would have to agree with Steve! I wish I had my 20 year old strength and resilience. The rest of the crazy making stuff, not so much.
      You two were so pretty!

  10. Beautiful pictures. You are such a gorgeous couple, then and now.

    I still shiver with dread at some of the stuff we did when young, the daring and the naive mistakes and the carelesness, but it is part of us and made us and brought us to where we are now.

  11. The two of you are strikingly beautiful, throughout all time. If you don’t believe me, just look at your children...your souls shine through them!

  12. Such serendipity that the blasts from the same Era of both of you turned up together... such Beautiful Youth... looking back can also be poignant can't it? I would imagine writing a Book would never be easy, I admire that you can do it since I Love reading and am Thankful for every Writer and Publisher of any Book I've ever enjoyed.