Friday, November 8, 2019

Resistance and its opposite

Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cotez, now known by her initials AOC, gets so much hate from the right that I feel a need to balance the scales a bit and send her some love. This brilliant and brave young woman is out there fighting for us on so many fronts, not the least of which is her signature issue, climate change. If we're smart and deserving (and right now we're anything but), she could be president one day. She'd be a damn sight better than the current occupant of that office, that's for damn sure. 

On the home front it's been a busy week, unusual in the sense that I've been out of my house and running around the city every day—choir rehearsal on Monday evening; a long interview with my book subject on Tuesday, which was also election day; my annual physical on Wednesday followed by my Wednesday evening wellness group; and yesterday morning, the funeral of the grandmother of my niece's new husband. My daughter took the day off from work and she and I attended the service in Brooklyn even though we had never met the grandmother. When I asked my niece, who flew in from Dallas, if she thought we should attend, she said, "It would be nice. It would blend our two families more." Indeed, our families are becoming ever more connected, with the parents of my niece's husband now part of our Thanksgiving gathering as of last year. Our children have brought so many lovely people into the ever expanding fold.

The rather excellent part of yesterday was that after the service, my daughter and I got to hang out together, wrapped in blankets and chatting and watching the latest episode of Survivor and then Crazy Rich Asians for the umpteenth time. The temperature had fallen precipitously, going from the low fifties into the thirties, making our living room seem like the coziest place on earth. Watching the movie, my girl dozed off, and I busied myself tidying the kitchen and generally straightening up with a feeling of supreme peace imparted by the simple fact of my daughter sleeping serenely under my roof.

Meanwhile, I miss my friends. We've all been so busy with our lives, and I suppose the political news exhausts us all, so that when the workday is done, we hunker down inside our homes, trying to hold on to sanity, hoping the votes we cast will actually count in the face of so much chaos and corruption. There's a plan to for some of us women to get together for coffee on Sunday afternoon. I hope we can make it happen.


  1. What I want to hear from every Democrat these days is about the perils we are facing due to climate change. It often gets overlooked for issues that are important, but won't seem so when the sea level rises and millions are homeless. I so love the stories of your extended families blending and growing. The true old ways of family love.

  2. I have a niece who just moved here to take her masters at the university. She's a lovely, mature, young woman whom I enjoy spending time with.

    Hope you have a lovely get together on Sunday.

  3. O I needed your voice in the wilderness today I wish I could meet you for coffee.
    Big Love

  4. I'll send my love along with yours to AOC.
    She is a strong woman, isn't she?
    Sounds like a busy week. I love the idea of your daughter drifting off when she's watching TV with her mama in your cozy home. That's sort of heaven, isn't it?

  5. I hope you and the friends can go for coffee. It would be good to see them. Stay warm! The weather forecasts are looking dreadful.

  6. I don't socialize much. I find it exhausting. the three weeks I spent in Portugal being 'on' the whole time was a challenge. generally, the occasional chat with a neighbor when I walk the dog is enough though our small group of neighbor friends is having a Friendsgiving next Saturday.

  7. Here in the UK we are all trying to cope with Brexit. It's a total nightmare. I voted to remain in Europe and will be voting for the Lib Dems in December. They won't win but there's is no way I'm voting for the tories.

  8. Our children have brought so many lovely people into the ever expanding fold. How I love these words and how true they are! I have met some awesome people thru my children. It is always a wonderful way to blend our families with people that do not share our blood but shares our hearts.

    I hope that you can make Sunday coffee happen because it will be such a sweet way to connect and enjoy.

    Today I am in the midst of planning Thanksgiving dinner. I am craving the comfort foods of my childhood and the childhoods of my children. For the past several years we have had Japanese and Mexican. I am ready for some real down to goodness comfort food...
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend and enjoy every minute!!

  9. AOC is a true voice in the wilderness. I hope you enjoy that coffee get-together.

  10. Grateful for your friendship on this quiet Sunday afternoon.

  11. You certainly are correct about AOC! I love her enthusiasm and vitality. We need her youthfulness.
    Her passion is climate change, but I am sure she approaches everything the same way.
    I found your blog on another blog I follow.

  12. Getting together with family or friends is a tonic for the weary soul. The political stress seems like it's being going on forever. AOC is a very smart young 'un. I look forward to seeing what she'll be up to five or ten years from now too. Imagine.

  13. I love curling up inside on a cold day, but I hope you were able to make your Sunday coffee happen. The right is scared to death of AOC!!


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