Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Memorial Day

"Our soul purpose is to love and be loved. It’s as simple as that: finding any opportunity to give our love to others and to be open to receiving the love of others. That is what we are here to learn and embrace: Love for all things and all people. Kindness, tolerance, gratitude, compassion, and love are the most powerful tools we can use to navigate our soul experience here."

I was reading that reflection by a woman named Laura Lynn Jackson before I closed my eyes last evening. At the time, it seemed profound. Then I read it again today, in light of events that unfolded yesterday in New York's Central Park and on a street in Minneapolis. Now it seems trite. It’s neither and both. I am weary, uncomprehending, holding my cup of rage and sorrow.

And yet. On Memorial Day my girl went for a socially distanced bike ride and park outing with her cousin and a friend, while the man and I went for a drive upstate. We'd planned to stop at scenic lookouts on the Palisades, but it seemed everyone else in New York had the same idea. So we just drove, the sun roof open, the sky clear blue, the company sublime.

Then the whole fucking world exploded.


  1. I do believe this even if sometimes it is overwhelmingly difficult.
    Your daughter is so beautiful.

  2. yes. we are here to learn and what we need to learn is love and compassion for all living things.

  3. I haven't reached this stage yet. I'm too angry.

  4. Long drives through the passes have been a lifeline for me. But now I miss the days when I could just get out and discover the towns that I have been driving through.

  5. I'm glad you went out for a drive with your man. I did the same last Friday -- up to Santa Barbara and back. I felt a bit like some old woman being taken for a "ride." Then it was back to the house and the life. I hope you are well. Your daughter is so beautiful and radiant, always.